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One cloud is not enough for sales people

Cloud services are prepared for the operation of all regular applications and services even their reciprocal integration and creating of difficult architectonic of company’s solutions. The right choice, settings, integration and security of cloud services is pretty much a complicated issue. Apart from the security issue of company's data and administration of access to specific cloud services for particular employees, there is also a risk of wrong configuration. This was exactly the issue during cloud migration of e-shop uni-max.cz, which offers professional tools. “We, unfortunately, chose suppliers who did not manage to transfer our e-shop to cloud platform Azure during our selection process. It resulted in a notable prolonging of response, outages and dysfunctional key components, loss of orders and a significant increase in expenses on running the e-shop on the cloud platform. Only during the first three months, after implementing the migration, our losses on orders were around 3 million.” says Kamil Hrabacek, general manager of unitech.cz which runs the uni-max.cz eshop. Sprinx Systems helped to remove the issues which occurred during the migration of back-end internet shop to cloud platform Azzure and it currently provides maximum support to e-shop uni-max.cz and also works on its further progress.

Software defined cloud

Local and smaller providers of cloud services are the opposite of world-wide players on the market, such as Microsoft, Amazon or Google. Their main strength is communication in local language, knowledge in the field of cloud services and the ability to provide great service to customers purely based on their requirements. In fact, local firms very often start with running their applications and e-shops at their local suppliers of hosting and cloud services. During its growth and escalation of manufacturing requirements, they very often encounter situations where they do not want to lose the comfortable service from their local cloud partner, but at the same time, they feel the need to use the power of one of the biggest cloud players. And this is exactly the time where there is space for implementing the so-called software defined cloud infrastructure, which integrates different specialised cloud platforms. Hyper cloud (hyper-converged cloud) is an infrastructure, which connects best features of its local and global cloud services, as well as its own features of the company which are effectively used.

The implementation of architecture and logic of hyper cloud gives companies the reassurance that every company's app, which is critical, will run according to the business requirements on fastness, or availability and quality, the requirements of safety managers on the independence towards one cloud provider and user requirements on the simplicity of using the application. The ideal result of this solution is using one cloud environment in which each cloud platform are communicating together and useful data are passed on within set up processes. 

Hyperconverged architecture stands for flexible infrastructure for the functioning of apps and services, which use the best features of cloud and local environment:

  • Hyper cloud combines features of public cloud with services of local providers of cloud services and local IT environment.
  • During the selection of the right supplier, it can be possible to use the services of hyper cloud on the basis of one contract and covered by SLA.
  • Unlimited selection enables to cover any fluctuations in terms of performance, the fastness of controlling and storage capacity.
  • Integration of different cloud services supports the automatization of sales processes and processing data.
  • The architecture of hyper cloud enables to run every company’s app in the right environment, which will ensure maximum effectiveness. The creation and usage of hyper cloud represents the crucial requirements for integration and leading different types of services from different suppliers. Choose the right partner, who will know how to create and lead hyperconverged environment.

Experience is key

Sprinx has a lot of experience with hyper cloud, as many of their customers use their local services through the use of AppOn.cloud with cloud platform Microsoft Azure. This is very often the operation of e-commerce solutions, with combining the functioning of ERP system, database and saving data in local cloud (on AppOn.cloud) with sales platform running on wide ranging cloud platform Azure with guaranteed availability.

Due to the usage of hyper cloud, which Sprinx provides for its clients, e-shops gained extreme resistance against fluctuations in the number of customers and their orders, fast response during selecting the products and the process of shopping, great availability due to geographic location of data centres and also, certainty for sensitive data and constant local support. Sprinx also provides proper integration of all parts of hyperconverged infrastructure and is one of the finders of this technological solution on Czech market.

Is it worth it?