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One cloud is no longer enough for salespeople

Cloud services are ready for the operation of all common applications and services as well as their mutual integration and creation of complex architectures of business solutions. However, the right choice, setup, integration and security of cloud services is a relatively complex issue. In addition to the security risk for enterprise data and the management of specific employee access rights to cloud services, there is also the risk of incorrect configuration. This was the problem of cloud migration in the e-shop uni-max.cz, which offers workshop machines and professional tools. "Unfortunately, in the tender we chose a supplier who did not manage the transfer of our e-shop to the Azure cloud platform. The result was a significant increase in response time, outages and malfunctions of key components, loss of orders and a huge increase in our costs of running an e-shop on a cloud platform. Only during the first three months after the start of the migration, our losses on orders ranged in millions of crowns. ”Says Kamil Hrbáček, general manager and managing director of unitechnic.cz, which operates the uni-max.cz e-shop. Sprinx Systems helped to correct the problems that occurred during the migration of the e-shop back-end to the Azure cloud environment and now provides support to the uni-max.cz e-shop and is working on its further development.

Software defined cloud

The world's leading players in the cloud platform market, such as Microsoft, Amazon and Google, are matched by smaller, usually local cloud service providers. Their main strength is communication in the local language, expertise in cloud services and the ability to provide customized services to customers. In fact, local businesses often start running their applications and e-shops at local hosting and cloud service providers. During their growth and escalation of operational requirements, however, they usually encounter a situation where they do not want to give up the comfortable care of their local cloud partner, but also feel the need to use the power and scalability of one of the large cloud players. And this is where the space for the implementation of the so-called software-defined cloud infrastructure, which integrates various specialized cloud platforms, arises. The infrastructure that combines the best features of local and global cloud services, as well as the company's own resources, and uses them efficiently, is called hypercloud (hyper-converged cloud).

Implementing hypercloud architecture and logic gives companies confidence that every critical business application will run in accordance with business requirements for speed or availability and quality, security managers' independence from a single cloud provider, and user requirements for overall ease of use or routine administration. The ideal result of such a solution is the introduction of a unified cloud environment, in which the individual cloud platforms communicate with each other and transfer the necessary data within the set processes.

Hyperconverged architecture is the most flexible application and service infrastructure that leverages the best of cloud and local environments:

  • Hypercloud combines public cloud resources with the services of local cloud service providers and the local IT environment.
  • When selecting a suitable supplier, hypercloud services can be drawn on the basis of a single contract and covered by a single SLA.
  • Unlimited scalability allows you to cover any fluctuations in performance, processing speed or storage capacity.
  • The integration of various cloud services supports the automation of business processes and data processing.
  • The hypercloud architecture allows each of the enterprise applications to run in exactly the environment that ensures maximum efficiency.
  • The creation and use of hypercloud represents a major requirement for the integration and management of different types of services from different providers. Choose a partner who can not only build but also manage a hyperconverged environment

Experience is key

Sprinx has a number of current experiences with hypercloud for its customers, for which it combines the use of its local AppOn.cloud service with the Microsoft Azure cloud platform in various ways. Most often, it is the operation of large e-commerce solutions, combining the operation of the ERP system, database and data storage in the local cloud (on AppOn.cloud) with a trading platform running on the extremely scalable cloud platform Azure with guaranteed availability.

Thanks to the use of hypercloud, Sprinx's e-shops for its clients have gained extreme resistance to fluctuations in the number of customers and their orders, fast response when selecting products and going through the purchasing process, unsurpassed availability ensured by geographic location of data centers and security of locally stored sensitive data and 24/7 local support. Sprinx ensures sophisticated integration of all parts of the hyperconverged infrastructure and is one of the pioneers of this technological solution on the Czech market.

Is it worth it?